Saturday, August 6, 2011

Community Garden in Corte Madera?

Mary Warner of the Board of the Corte Madera Community Gardens sent us an update. Cut and paste the end section and email to if you are interested in this project.

We need your input. As you know a small group of residents started a committee a year and a half ago, January 2010, to start a community garden in the Town Park.* The rationale was to make good use of the weedy patch adjacent to Twin Cities Daycare Center and the sewage pond. The small area has been left fallow for the geese and ducks to nest. Our committee thinks the site desirable for a community garden as it would provide visibility for students, parents and residents to learn about growing vegetables and flowers in raised beds while fostering the sense of community bringing people together and beautifying the area.

We first presented this concept to the Town Council last October. With their blessings we continued developing the Design, Policies and Budget. We were asked to release the Town of liability and so started a 501c3 non-profit organization. The proposed Design allows for 50-60 plots and meets ADA guidelines.

Objections began at a Design meeting last March. Subsequently the Park and Rec Commission rejected the Town Park site and deferred the decision to the Town Council.

We are now being asked to instead consider the Porter Cooley* site adjacent to the bike path that ends at Tamal Vista. There are some advantages to this large, sunny site. And there are also disadvantages.

An additional consideration is on the east side of Corte Madera along San Clemente Drive. *It is also a large, sunny spot.

The biggest obstacle to these sites is that we have no volunteers living near the locations. New committees would need to be formed for each location.

It was always our intent to develop more gardens once the committee’s first effort started successfully in the Town Park. Mill Valley’s community garden has been so successful they are starting their second one.

Are you interested in continuing the efforts, or do you have friends in these neighborhoods? Please forward this to them.

Let us know if you would sign up for a plot at:

Porter Cooley Site: Yes_____and I can help by________________________________No_______

San Clemente Drive: Yes_____and I can help by________________________________No_______

Town Park Site: Yes_____and I can help by________________________________No_______

I am not a resident but can help in the following way: ______________________________________

Other thoughts???_________________________________________________________________________

Reply to:

The Board of Corte Madera Community Gardens

*See the attachments for the location and proposed designs of all three sites.


  1. Every community deserves a community garden. Or two. You may be able to get something up with the organization doing the veggie and fruit to promote the gardens thus getting more community backing. Or maybe even a paid staff person to work on the grounds. That is what its going to take is someone taking it on as their baby, you know to organize events, and volunteers.

  2. I think that a community garden would be a great way to connect people of all walks of life and foster a sense of unity.