Thursday, July 16, 2009

Loving Sustainable Fairfax's Sustainable Film Fest!

Thank you Sustainable Fairfax and Permaculture Marin for the amazing Sustainable Film Fest. We went tonight to check out Homegrown Food - As Local as it Gets this evening and it was simply wonderful. The Dervaes family of Pasadena has worked incredibly hard to make 1/5 of an acre of land situated up against the 210 Freeway one of the most productive pieces of property you could imagine. The family shares all of their experiences on their websites and .

More great films coming our way on August 6 and September 10 - read more at


  1. Thanks for coming to the event, and for writing about it in your blog. I would like to add a link to Permaculture Marin's website: and encourage people who are interested to get involved with some of our community projects. Thanks, Dustin Kahn

  2. Thanks Dustin - we'll make sure Permaculture Marin is added to our resource list . . .