Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking forward to the weekend . . . .

So much is happening so quickly, it is a challenge to keep up with it all. We are grateful for the dozens of people volunteering their time to help make the Marin Open Garden Project a successful sustainability initiative. Some news . . .

Garden Bounty Exchanges: A new exchange begins this week in Novato (thank you Maura Thurman) on Saturday from 9-10 AM at the Next Key Center (1385 N. Hamilton Parkway). We are really excited about this new exchange because it allows us to directly send excess produce to Homeward Bound of Marin's kitchen. The San Anselmo exchange (Sheila Mutter & David Fox) is doing a really wonderful job publicizing itself and is enjoying increasing numbers of attendees as a result. Last week they had pears, carrots, figs, eggs, zucchini, herbs, flowers, lettuce, and more. Mill Valley (Hilary Jeffris & Elaine Vaughn) is still going strong and Sun Valley (Gayle Mills) has been a wonderful new addition that was covered by the Marin IJ last weekend. Click here to read the article.

Gleaning Program: We are taking on as many tree harvesting projects as we can and have had a great response from volunteers who want to help take advantage of the local fruit tree resource and make sure that the excess finds its way to organizations serving needy people. We are preparing some flyers that can be left at homes where you spot a ripe tree. Send us an email if you can participate.

Tree, Garden & Gardenable Land Registry: We have launched a registry that allows you to register your garden, fruit trees or land you think could be gardened so that we can take an inventory of Marin's urban and suburban food production resource. Click here to check out the registry.

Thanks everyone!

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