Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been a while...

With the school year ending, Julie and I have both been swamped with the activities that accompany the final week of school.  Since when did 6, 7 and 8 year olds have more active social calendars than their parents?!  Throw in a visit by the in-laws (Julie) and a week in Washington DC (me) and you get a gaping hole in our blogosphere.  But fear not, we're back on line, and although the summer is full (Julie's working with Tree Frog Trekkers providing Environmental Education to kids and I'll be working the Farm at IVC) we'll do our best to keep you posted.

So to kick things off, be sure to check out the "Open Garden Project" section of our blog.  MOGP has been in the news twice this month: The Novato Advance and the July issue of Marin Magazine!  So if you're in the media or know someone who is, be sure to think of us - we'd love to spread the word.

Next up, last night Julie and I attended the Sustainable Mill Valley relaunch meeting.  Although started back in 2000, the organization has been somewhat dormant the last couple of years. Led by Marie Kerpan, one of the original founders, the meeting was highly successful.    Working groups were formed in four major categories: transportation, water conservation, waste reduction and local food production. Each of these groups will be working on establishing a baseline for the city: where have we been in the past and where are we now.  As Julie and I learned in our Dominican Sustainability Program "knowing where you are" is an essential tenet in Sustainability (in case you are wondering, the other two are "use what you have" and "do what you can").  In addition, another team was formed to work on the organizational aspects of SMV.  Lastly, we set a date for our next meeting: July 22nd.  So if you're interested in working with us or have a particular interest in one or more of the working groups, keep the evening free and please join us!

Finally, I just want to call attention to an event happening this Thursday, June 25th from 7-9pm at City Hall.  In the second of her community forums, Carol Misseldine will be screening the film "Addicted to Plastic" followed by a discussion with representatives from Mill Valley Refuse and the Redwood Landfill.  This is a great opportunity to find out where your garbage really goes and to learn more about a pilot citywide compost program (!) launching in January 2010. As you may recall, I reported on Carol's well attended May forum on Water Conservation and Backyard Composting, so I encourage all of you to come on Thursday!

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