Saturday, May 16, 2009

A second successful week in Mill Valley!

You found us!
It appeared that no one had any difficulty finding us at our new location this week - still in Boyle Park but along the East Street parking lot rather than the Thalia side. A big thanks to Parks & Rec for allowing to us to remain at Boyle!

It was a mixture of familiar faces and newbies that joined us this morning.  Once again we had a delightful assortment of goods to exchange. Those italian artichokes made a repeat visit (keep them coming Nan!), as well as many herbs, salad greens, cut flowers, lemons, oranges and yes, kombucha!  Keeping in last weeks theme of eggs and chickens, we had a generous donation late in the hour of "hens and chicks"but not the clucking kind this time.  These were gorgeous, well established succulent starts, the perfect addition to a container garden or a low water landscape.  Clearly it pays to come early and stay right through to the end, because some of the best goods do come later!

As promised, I should have my blackberry pups in hand next week as well as some fresh baked muffins (maybe not blueberry this time, we'll see if I get inspired).  I'll also have an armload of fava beans so get that recipe ready or try this one from epicurious:

Looking forward to more of the great conversations we had today as we get to know each other better...

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