Friday, May 15, 2009

Mill Valley hosts Water Conservation and Composting program

Carol Misseldine, Mill Valley's Sustainability Director, has put together a forum called "Saving Water/Creating Soil" to be held May 26th from 7-8:30 pm at the Mill Valley Community Center.  MMWD Conservation Manager Dan Carney will speak on Indoor and Outdoor water conservation strategies, covering topics from low flow showerheads to rainwater catchment systems.  He will be followed by Master Gardener and master composter Joan Irwin who will cover "Home Composting Made Easy."

This program is close to my heart. I did my advocacy speech for the Environmental Forum Training Program on composting and the essential role it must play if Marin County is going to reduce its carbon footprint and reach its "Zero Waste" goal by 2020.  In addition, while we've been blessed by late rains that have saved us from water rationing, we all need to find ways to reduce our water consumption as growth and development as well as global warming cut into our available water supply.

To no group is this more important than backyard gardeners and farmers so I hope to see lots of Marin Open Garden participants there!

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