Saturday, April 25, 2009

The party is over...

...indeed. For any of you hanging in suspense from this morning's blog, you'll be glad to know that the day passed with flying colors.  But of course, if you were there you know that.  The turn out was great. Neighbors, EFM'ers, Park School Parents, friends and family all turned out in force- a huge relief considering my dream last week that nobody (and I mean not one single body) showed up.  Mill Valley held up to its demographic profile of dogs and babies, let me tell you, and they were without a doubt the cutest dogs and babies you've ever seen.  Unfortunately my beautiful babies (8 and 6 years old) left early to go camping with their dad, uncles, and cousins (one of those daddy daughter things), but while they were there I think they had a grand old time.  The highlight craft (probably because we never got around to setting up any of the other crafts we had planned) was the seed paper making.  The kids seemed to really embrace the process but, remarkably, forgot to take the end product home with them.  So if any of you are out there, please, we saved them all.  Come and get your miniature "Grandmother's Garden" at 40 Matilda and plant it: we want deliverables (in grown up talk talk that means we want to hear how your garden did)!
All in all, I have to say, Julie and I were very pleased: we got the word out, which was the goal for the day, and I think people are excited to be part of this backyard movement.  After everyone had gone Julie and I, and our friend Michelle from EFM, hung out at my house and discussed the afternoon over a well deserved bottle of wine, a warm baguette and a scrumptious salad of greens freshly harvested from my IVC Organic Farm Class garden.  This is what it's all about: connecting people, connecting resources and learning to recognize the "terroir" of our backyard garden bounty.
From the bottom of our hearts, thanks to those of you who came and supported us today.  We look forward to seeing you again when the "official" Open Garden Project begins.

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