Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oy! You wouldn't believe the paperwork...

So, while still reveling in the afterglow of Saturday's party, Julie and I got together today to respond to comments on our proposal to make Marin Open Garden Project our official "Capstone" project for our Sustainability Certificate program at Dominican University.

Details, details, details.  

Those details however, are really important to our claim that backyard gardening  supports sustainable living by reducing food miles and improving people's health and well-being, their sense of community and their connection to the local foodshed.  

So please, we need your support.  We will be checking in with you all periodically, via survey, to see how we meet our goals.  Please encourage your neighbors, friends and family to join our weekly exchanges and to participate and be candid when we send out, or approach you personally, with  surverys.  All feedback is good feedback.

We really believe that this is our future: building communities, rather than individuals, who are self-reliant in all respects: water conservation, energy creation, GHG reduction and food production.  

As all of us who live here know, Marin is a really special place, and sustaining it into the future is critical for our children, their children and generations to come.

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