Thursday, April 2, 2009

HR 875

Have you received the "panic now" email that's been going around about House Bill 875? Was fear struck in your heart that Monsanto was setting its sites on eliminating back yard gardens and small organic farms from sea to shining sea?  Well that email circulated through my organic ag class and yesterday, when Helge Hellberg (Marin Organic) visited our group, it was the hot question we wanted him to comment on.

There was definitely a collective sigh of relief when Helge assured us that the Monsanto connection was overblown and, in fact, all the other hype generated by bloggers and emailers alike was equally overblown.  "Assure all your friends," he assured us, "this bill has nothing to do with eliminating gardens or small farms, organic or otherwise."  Being a skeptical New Yorker, I am not one to trust the advise of any single source, even one as esteemed and likable as Helge.  But the more research I do on this issue, I find a lot out there to support his assurances.  Which isn't to say there aren't other issues at stake.

So what I suggest to you is this: keep reading and don't stop at the email that leads with the subject line: "FW: STOP BILL HR 875 WHICH ENDS ORGANIC FARMING!"  Here are a couple of blogs to check out: 

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